Runes in Magick
So I have given my runes in magick lecture a couple times this month. First at PPD in Bedford and now this weekend at Black Sun Oaisis in Cleveland. I am also talking with the owner of Vibes in the Falls about doing a work shop posibly sometime in November. The lecture this weekend went well. I just had a 24 slide powerpoint that took about an hour to present. I need to refine this a bit. Not that I am unconfortable speaking in front of a group, just that I could use more practice. I also gave about ten readings back to back which was a bit energy intensive but seemed appreciated all around.

I have been talking with Blue about how it would be fun to develop a couple workshops to give at festivals. I could do a two parter, first on runes in magick and then a make your own rune set if you are still interested. From there ma could do tarot.

So I have been working with Thor recently. I have been wearing my mojlnir more often and asking for strength to get through these difficulties fairly regularly. Last night there was so much thunder and lightening. It was very strange in a way. It felt very personal. There was this lightening strike that woke me up and it really made me smile. Then when I went back to sleep it was like this thunder cloud was just circling my window for awhile. I was dreaming I think by that point.

Enochian Vision Magick
By Lon Milo Duquette

Ok so I haven't done a book review in awhile so I think its about time. I recently finished this book which I took my time with. I picked it up as Lon mentioned it in the last book I read "Low Magick". The refrence got me interested in this system. Now I am going to stop reading Lon for a bit. Two books in a row is enthusiastic enough I'm sure. Ha! I am interested in looking at The vision and the voice next which is Crowley documenting his experience with scrying the Aethers. Now a LJ friend recently asked me to define Enochian Magick which I am at a bit of a loss to do really because I have never practiced enochian magick.

Just having read this book I understand that this is a system that was recieved by John dee and Edward Kelly back in the time of queen Elizabeth the first. If you look over the material/ primary sources I think it is fairly self evident that this wasn't something that was just cooked up by Dee to entertain the queen. It's way too complex for that.

This first thing that grabbed me about this system is the Sigilum Dei Ameth. You can just google that if you want to know that it looks like. This seal is complex and beautiful. The name "ameth" indicates truth or truth of God. All the concentric circles and symbols represent the devine and angelic hierarchies. There are also 5 tablets (four elemental and the tablet of union) that are part of the system as well.

Other than this there are the 19 calls. My reading of this is that this system is diferent from goetia in that the aim is to raise the consciousness of the magician. Just one read through of the calls had produced an interesting dream recently.

Reading about the sigil I found a version by Kircher. I am facinated by his work (I have a couple tatoo's from Oedipus Aegypticus).

This book is certainly worth a second read as you aren't likely to really grasp it all the first time through.

Day 6, Know Thyself
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day 5
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Day 4
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Know thyself day 3
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Know Thyself day 2
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Know Thyself
Feel fee to advise me how to make the links for content if the long version is annoying.

1. What is that thing that no one, not even your partner, your mother or your best friend, knows about you?

That's tough. I am pretty open with people I trust and love.

2. What would make you feel embarrassed in public?

I don't get embarrassed too easily but If I say something dumb around someone I respect that usually does it.

3. What do you think is your biggest flaw? What have you done about it?

I have occasional bouts of anexiety. I cut back on my caffeine intake.

4. What is your biggest strength? How did you develop it?

I am persistent. I make up my mind to do something and I do it. I also write well when I am excited about the topic. I know I tend to be a little breif however. I am good at critical thinking and I am fairly creative as well. I guess I developed a lot of that in college.

5. If you could change your name, what would your new name be?

I like my chosen magick name Robin. I also like the original Gaelic version of my surname "Mac an Leister"

6. If you could change your appearance, how would you decide to look?

Bigger bicepts and pecks.

New Temple
I am very pleased with the new black sun temple. I look forward to visiting there often. Who knows, maybe one day we will be a lodge again. I was very glad that I made it up for the last reading for the feast of three days.

What was troubling was a new brother who has been rubbing everyone the wrong way. I gave him a good talking to but I dont know what good it did. He is very socially underdeveloped. He made, however inadvertantly, comments about my wifes weight, and even something that came across as being anti semetic and upset another brother or two both of which are very easy going. He just runs off at the mouth all the time and doesn't consider the people around him in the slightest. He asked me and another brother to sponsor him for a 2nd and we just couldnt agree to it given his underdeveloped state.

Other than this I think we are all very proud of this recent development. Now is the time to buckle down and pay the body dues to keep this thing going.


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